To Play or Not to Play

I’ll be honest off the top. I had planned to call back the first headline at some point. Never in my wildest dreams did I think it would be the next day.

But here we are. Late in to the evening somewhere in the Bubble, NBA players discussed whether to continue the playoffs. By all accounts, the situation will be an open question throughout the day tomorrow.

Let’s to take a moment to reflect on how we would explain tonight to ourselves six months ago.


Okay, moving on now. Let’s just talk about where we are as we wake up on August 27. Actually, one more brief moment of reflection: for Jacob Blake and his family. My thoughts are with them as they experience this nightmare.

But I want to use my blog (that no one is reading) to speak in support of the NBA players. It sucks that our society has put these men in this unthinkable position. The specific failures of society that have put American society in this position are too many to count, too complicated for my intellect, and too intertwined to entangle in any manner that would allow us to fully understand how or why we ended up here.

That last one is important. Re-read the whole sentence if you need to.

Tomorrow, the NBA players will be at the forefront of that conversation. I hope they do well. I don’t envy their position. I don’t believe many among us are equipped to navigate it. What would you say Thursday if you were Giannis Antetokounmpo, Chris Paul, LeBron James, or Kawhi Leonard?

What I know above all is how much I admire those guys and their peers. My admiration may have been born out of appreciation for their talents on the basketball court, but it is certainly not limited to the space between the lines.

I am rooting for the NBA players with my whole heart. I will stand with them wholeheartedly in this moment. I don’t know much about the world today, but I know that. I stand with the NBA players.

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